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Friends of Jamaica

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    FOJ Supports the Lesma Ellis Foundation see more

    The Lesma Ellis Foundation (LEF) is a community organization whose mission is to be committed to the educational advancement, social development and well-being of adolescents and senior citizens throughout inner-city and rural Jamaica. LEF hopes to achieve this by providing mentorship, guidance, encouragement and confidence in future leaders.  

    Friends of Jamaica recently supported the LEF through its grant program.  With FOJ funding, the Foundation  provided young men and women from inner city Kingston and Cedar Valley Primary School in St. Thomas with tablets and computers to bridge the online teaching and learning environment gap. In addition to the computers, tablets, and a school scholarship donated to the Cedar Valley Primary School, LEF donated tablets to children at the Child Development Center/Early Stimulus Program and the Torrington Park Housing Scheme in Kingston.  The computers donated to Cedar Valley primary School will aid in the automation of school processes utilized by educators and administration.  In addition to providing devices, LEF also taught students device maintenance and responsibility and ensured access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) based learning.

    For more information on LEF, visit their website.

     April 29, 2023
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    FOJ supports Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society. see more

    Friends of Jamaica provided funds for Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society (WOFS) to refurbish their office and community workspace.  WOFS has a membership of 25 farmers with an irrigated organic demonstration farm, beehives and aquaponics, develops produce sold at local markets (harvesting honey, sorrel, jams, beer etc.) and provides training on multiple subjects. 

    With a grant from FOJ and money raised from stakeholders, WOFS replaced their office roof and front stairs providing an office space that is structurally safe and weather secure, creating positive benefits for the organization.  It allows business conducted in the office to focus on group activities rather than being side-tracked by leaks when it rains or worrying about how a roof that was literally falling apart could get fixed. The project also instills a sense of pride, camaraderie and accomplishment as the WOFS members came together with the help of the wider community to upgrade their office.