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Final Report: Ritchies Outreach Programme of Enrichment (ROPE)

Final Report: Ritchies Outreach Programme of Enrichment (ROPE)

Recipient: Ritchies Primary School

Amount Awarded by FOJ: $183.74 USD


The sections below are taken from the awardee's final report, which you may download here.  


I. Tell Your Story

Describe the overall project impact, using any evidence/stories from a community member or your personal experience that attest to the project's impact.


This program provided parents both with the knowledge to assist their children and the confidence to seek out more information for themselves. The 14 parents who attended consistently (lowest number was 9 and the highest was 22) laughed and joked around with their instructor, actively participated in class discussions, and often supported one another in understanding the new concepts as they were introduced. During their final session, a celebration of their work, the participants spoke to their excitement for class and for being together. The unintended benefit of this class is an increased sense of value the parents feel for themselves. They expressed that they felt like the teachers cared for them and they cared for themselves. The school community felt close knit and proud during the last session. The parents have now taken it upon themselves to continue the class and their learning. They will take a week off and return to the class on Monday, April 1st.


II. Goals and objectives

Were the project goals and objectives achieved? What can people do better now than before?


The purpose of the program was to provide skills training at no cost to parents. We were successful in this goal, as our parents were given free child care and dinner in hopes of letting them concentrate on the instruction and class work. One mother was so grateful for this care and mentioned how integral the childcare was to helping her relax and focus on the math skills being taught. Our parents received an average of 15 hours of math instruction, as class often when late when the parents were reluctant to leave. The parents were pre-tested on their math skills. As we intend to continue the course, a post test has not yet been administered, but will be at the end of the year.

Another of our goals was to continue the course. As mentioned above, the parents have taken initiative to continue the course and asking for expansion to more subjects and to reach for some certification of the course.


III. Lessons Learned and Promising Practices


While the free food was a nice draw, what people mentioned as most important for attendance was the childcare, the socialization, and what they saw as “taking care of themselves.” Creating spaces for parents to engage with one another and learning, without the pressure of watching children is a novel thing in Jamaican society. When a program provides those things, retention of participants is high.


IV. People impacted

Complete the table below with numbers of participants, beneficiaries and organizations that were impacted by the project.


Impact indicator Number
# of individuals directly benefiting from the project, including those who attended trainings or workshops 22
# of community organizations and/or associations that have increased capacity due to this project 1
# of individuals who will have increased capacity due to this project 26

V. Attach supporting material for your project here, e.g. photos. (Please try to get photos with the people involved in the project).


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 March 22, 2019